Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands ( Brian posted on October 18th, 2013 )

rainbow loom rubber bandsRainbow Loom Rubber Bands

Rainbow Loom Rubber bands is an excitingly new kit for forming incredibly creative rubber band bracelet links. It is really for the age group 8 years to to adult. More youthful little ones are actually encouraged to use the Rainbow Loom rubber bands under the supervision of adults. It is a choking hazard if swallowed. Of course, adult supervision is more vital for the younger kids.

Take a look at our extensive Rainbow loom Rubber Bands Product Page.

Formerly known as Twistz Bandz, the Rainbow Loom rubber bands bracelet is actually relatively new and it seems kids everywhere are into it. It is a very interesting toy (if you may call it a toy) because brand-new styles are still being actually uncovered almost daily. It is constantly evolving due to the many different styles and colors that can be mixed and matched. As a result, Rainbow Loom ® continuously deliver lots of smiles not only to the faces of youngster, but to those of grownups as well.

Make sure to look into the instructions page to observe a range of ways to choose to use the kit and check back on our blog for videos on new styles as they are found.

where to buy rainbow loom rubber bands-kit

Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands Creator

Rainbow Loom Kit is the creation of Cheong Choon Ng, a Malaysian immigrant of Chinese descent. To his advantage, he holds an degree in mechanical engineering. He first thought of the product in 2010 and to supplement his income and ‘test the waters’ he began selling the kit while still working in the capacity of a crash-test engineer at Nissan.

Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands Popularity

Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands level of popularity has escalated in the past year, sparking hundreds of YouTube fan videos and scores of happy kidpreneurs.These kids become very popular by posting videos of new styles for others to follow. The official Rainbow Loom videos have amassed a sum total of 4.6 K views.

Summer camps, several of which restrict electronics, are actually an additional area where the Rainbow Loom craze grew. When kids do not have electronic distractions, they get more creative and social as a result of their ability to make rainbow loom bracelets. Rainbow Loom rubber bands is a great way for them to enjoy their leisure time without electronics.

rainbow loom rubber bands-loom kitRainbow Loom Rubber Bands Bracelets

The multi-colored elastic bands can easily make unique patterned bracelets and rings. It can even be used to make to  as well as a small handbag. There are actually endless projects and patterns. Kids all over discover new ones everyday.

Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands Kit

The Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands Kit can make up to twenty rubber band bracelets, but you can order refills to have endless fun with your bracelet kit.

The younger ones are highly recommended to use the kit under grownup supervision.  Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands Kit  is not recommended for the little ones 3 years or younger. Take a look at the Rainbow Loom instruction html.

For more information, visit the Official Rainbow Loom website.

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